Case Study 1

Legal firm presents strong evidence for remote monitoring.

One of NZCS’s longest standing evidence for remote monitoring clients was a medium sized legal firm, based in New Zealand (4 partners, 2 staff solicitors, 1 legal executive, 4 legal secretaries and 3 support staff).

The firm had been plagued by computer problems for more than a year before the Practice Manager, who had only a very basic knowledge of computers, called NZCS for help and agreed to a trial of remote monitoring.

NZCS checked their computer network thoroughly and installed remote monitoring software which would enable the system to be constantly watched and checked 24 x 7.

From that time onward, any problems which occurred could be picked up and fixed remotely before they could bring the network down. The reliability of the network was also improved by scheduled routine maintenance, carried out remotely, and automatic back up of all files without relying on the human factor.

“The difference is incredible,” says the Practice Manager, “instead of the IT system being a constant problem, it just hums away in the background and is never an issue. I am happy to say that I cannot remember the last time the system was down.”

NZCS is proud to say that eight years down the track, this remote monitoring contract is still in place. During this period, we have also recommended relevant system upgrades that have enabled the client to update their IT system while remaining within strict budgetary controls.