Case Study 2

Emergency call cures itchy trigger finger

For NZCS clients, the live help desk is as effective as an expensive on-site call and a lot quicker.

When the Office Manager of an Auckland client was uninstalling software no longer needed, he accidentally removed the Outlook system as well, instantly losing all emails, contacts, tasks and appointments.

This story did have a happy ending. As a result of a phone call to our Live Help Desk, we were able to have the system up and running again within 20 minutes, with no loss of data!

Another example: One of our remote monitoring clients, a large supplier processing data for the New Zealand tax office, found that they were having difficulties connecting to their client on-line and therefore could not service them effectively.

A phone call to the NZCS live help desk established that their Internet Explorer pop up blocker was preventing access to the client at the NZ Inland Revenue Department.

Our Live Help Desk technician connected to the client’s network remotely and discovered that the problem was being caused by not one, but two pop up blockers. (One being a hitherto unsuspected blocker in the Yahoo control bar). These controls were immediately adjusted to allow connection to the Department of inland Revenue and this problem was solved.

This client has had a remote monitoring contract with NZCS for 8 years and the manager says “System Support is of the utmost importance to us and would have no hesitation in recommending their service & support”.