Case Study 3

24/7 Monitoring Station Doubles Productivity & Relieve’s Stress & Improves Service.

“Custom written software is the perfect solution for a demanding and specific environment like an alarm monitoring station. It’s an enterprise-level solution for companies with a small-business budget.” Greg Nixon, Managing Director, NZCS

As a nationwide alarm monitoring station, Alarm Watch operators handle thousands of alarm signals, both inbound and outbound phone calls every day. Obtaining the perfect ‘staff to customer’ ratio in an alarm monitoring station is a difficult assignment due to the sporadic and unpredictable occurrence of alarm activations, it is impossible to always have an available operator’s for the next incoming alarm activation or emergency phone call. It is for that reason that every second truly counts in the monitoring station environment.

With rapid growth occurring, Alarm Watch needed to improve response times for answering incoming phone calls and actioning alarm activations. Like many New Zealand businesses, Alarm Watch thought the obvious solution was to employ more operator’s… New Zealand Computing Solution suggested that they visit the monitoring station and perform a site audit on all processes that were performed by our operators.

New Zealand Computing Solutions identified several processes that the employees were performing repeatedly and suggested designing a specific piece of software that could automatically perform the numerous tasks that were intensely time consuming. Alarm Watch wanted proof that the software could make significant improvements to operators time.

One process took one minute for an operator to complete each time and was occurring on an average of 198 times a day, totalling 3.3 Hours per day. Alarm Watch were paying around 23 hours of wages every week for this task. Alarm Watch had not realized how time consuming and expensive this task had been until the NZCS site audit.

Alarm Watch’s customized software has now been designed and is in it’s first month of action, Alarm Watch now only spends on average 16 minutes per day completing the task in questions. Thanks to NZCS, Alarm Watch operator’s have an extra 3 hours per day…