Case Study 4

New server saves meat processing supplier’s bacon

A Brisbane firm specialising in bar coding, labeling and inventory control systems for the Meat Processing, Food Processing and Cool Storage industries had serious IT problems which were affecting their ability to service their often remote clients such as country abattoirs. When a motherboard failure in one of their three old computers brought the system to its knees, they called in NZCS for a quick and effective solution.

The PC that had the failed motherboard was so old, it was going to take two weeks to get a new motherboard, creating a lot of downtime, and in any case, this was probably only a short term fix.

Instead of requiring them to replace any computers, NZCS replaced the failed motherboard in the old computer by upgrading it to a server, installing a proven Microsoft software package.

The benefits were impressive and immediate. The server consolidated the two remaining old computers into a single network, which enabled all three desktop users to access all software and files, boosting efficiency. The email system was also streamlined to ensure a more reliable service for distant clients.

The most important benefit of a system upgrade like this is the fact that it reduces downtime and boosts the efficiency of customer service.

There was also a saving in administrative time, as the firm only had to manage one system instead of three separate computers, and having a reliable new computer system also boosted staff morale since they now had confidence in the system.

As the company CEO says, “Having a reliable server that is not going to crash when no one is in the office is very important – we spend our time serving our clients instead of worrying about IT problems.”

This company is also a remote monitoring client, so NZCS continues to monitor the server 24 x 7 and ensure that any potential problems are fixed before they impact on customer service.