Computer Assessments & Upgrades

Is your present IT system an asset or liability?

  • Were the majority of components purchased more than 3 years ago?
  • Are your desktop computers and laptops all stand-alone units that are unconnected to your own central server?
  • Has a serious IT problem affected your business in the past three months?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you may have outgrown your present IT system, or you may be working with a system that is inadequate for your business needs and actually downgrades your productivity.

Don’t invest in a new IT system

  • Unless you have assessed your current system to identify its shortcomings
  • Unless you are confident that the new system fits with your medium-term business plans (next three years)
  • Unless you have an IT management plan that will prevent you from wasting money on components you don’t need
  • Unless you have a realistic idea of what the new system can deliver in terms of added efficiency and return on investment

Not sure where to start?

Contact NZCS before upgrading your IT system

As your outsourced IT Manager, NZCS will work hard for you to ensure that any new IT system you invest in will deliver the right benefits at the right price.

We will start with an assessment of your current system and your business needs over the next three years. Then we will draw up a formal IT management plan so that, even if you buy an additional laptop in two years time, for example, it slots seamlessly into your system.

We will specify the components of your new system both hardware and software – so you can avoid compatibility problems and pick and choose the best instead of being tied to one manufacturer.

And if the applications you want are not fully catered for by a standard software package, we will design exclusive software for you, install it, and train your staff to use it.

It’s just like having your own internal IT Department, but at an affordable price.