Managed IT Services

Pro-actively managing your network

The NZCS Managed IT Services solution delivers excellent value and keeps your business network running smoothly

How it works:

24/7 remote monitoring
NZCS uses the latest remote technology to monitor your computer system every minute of every day, picking up operating problems and invasive threats and fixing them before they slow down your business or bring it to its knees. We’re set up to respond in minutes, not hours.
Pro-active system maintenance
We keep your system “tuned” by automatically carrying out regular routine maintenance, such as security adjustments and active directory management. Affordable & effective and we do it all by remote control, without big bills for on-site maintenance and repairs. In fact, you get all of this for a low, fixed monthly fee!
The Benefits
Pro-active approach – A managed IT services plan will help you with your regular maintenance and monitoring so that any perceived infrastructure problems, server crashes and security breaches are avoided even before they occur.


Secure – Managed IT services plans help protect your business against hackers and virus attacks, with regular reviews of your security logs and continual monitoring of both your network traffic and firewall systems.

Optimum value – Many small and medium-sized organisations try in-house monitoring but find that the additional task over-burdens their resources.


The NZCS Managed IT Services plan allows you to outsource your IT to experienced professionals freeing up internal personnel to focus on more profitable areas of the business.


Maximise system uptime – All systems need to be restarted sometimes, but we schedule restarts for times that suit you – normally outside your regular business hours. We minimise unexpected downtime by pro-actively looking for issues that may cause the system to stop working.Peace of mind with the NZCS Managed IT Services Solution, you’re assured that your business infrastructure, systems and data are secure. Plus, if any disaster recovery is required, it will be preformed by trained and experienced IT professionals.