4 Reasons Why People Migrate From External Drive To Cloud Storage

7 September 2021

Keeping your files including photos, videos, music, and documents is important and everybody should know that. We want to see all of our collected files for so many years. We wanted to make sure that there is no file missing.

Some people rely on the computer’s hard drive or buying external drives to keep their files and some people choose cloud storage.

External drives have been very popular, but cloud storage changed the way we store our files. It’s been fascinating why more and more people are using cloud storage.

Here are the reasons why more and more people (as well as companies) are migrating from hard drive to cloud storage:

People want cheaper yet quality products

For so long, we used to purchase physical storage such as external drives. The average external drive which is up to 1 terabyte will cost you $20 to $50. The world’s largest hard drive has 16 TB capacity which will cost you up to $650. It is designed for business purposes. 

However, there is cloud storage like Google Drive that gives you 15 GB of storage space. If you want to upgrade, you can have 100 GB for only $1.99 per month. Google Drive can give you up to 30 TB per month for $299.99 per month.

People love convenience

You cannot access your files on your external drive if you don’t bring your laptop. Bringing your laptop from point A to point B is a hassle — especially if you are a commuter!

Another thing is, what if you forgot to bring your external drive and you badly need it? Are you able to go home within 15 minutes? What if there’s traffic? And the list goes on… 

No need to bring your laptop or external drive if you need to access your files. With cloud storage, you can access your files anytime and anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection. You can even use your phone or tablet to access your files. It’s up to you. 

People look for instant file sharing

Sometimes, sharing your files with someone can be a hassle. Why? Because you need to install your external drive to someone else’s computer before you can share your files (sometimes installing takes forever!). 

Furthermore, letting someone put in their external drive to your computer is a risk. Your computer could be damaged if an external drive connected with your computer is infected with a virus or malware.

With cloud storage, you can share files instantly by simply entering the email address of the specific person you want to share your files with.

People are becoming more careful about data security

Have you had several external drives and end up losing them and your files? Don’t fret. Cloud storage may just be the perfect solution for you.

With external drives, you are the one in charge of security. One way or another, we have experienced losing an external drive. Imagine the trouble you went through when you lost your files for school or work. It’s hard to bring lost files back when you lose your external drive! 

Stressful, right?

Most cloud storages have encryption standards that prevent all your data from being lost. This is what cloud storage offers for you. 

Are you one of the people who migrated from external drive to cloud storage?

Why or why not?

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