About Us

At NZCS, we help companies mitigate risk and improve their efficiency with around-the-clock IT services and support. From the early beginnings, we decided to build an organisation that provides value and peace of mind to our clients and is a fulfilling workplace for our team.

Providing you outstanding IT service since 1998

NZCS are not only superheroes when it comes to the Engineering and IT Network game. We started our mission back in the early 90’s producing software applications for non-profit organisations. 20 years down the track and NZCS now has a full Engineering team with branches in Whanganui and New Plymouth with clients stretching throughout New Zealand.

years of experience
dedicated team members
cups of coffee drank per day

We are not just a technology provider. We are a true IT services partner.


Our Core Values

  • Integrity & Respect.
  • Value creation.
  • Passion & Commitment.
  • Sustainability Support.


Adherence to Excellence.
Integrity and Reliability.

That’s what NZCS is all about. We are dedicated, experienced, practical and responsive in providing the right solutions to our clients.

We believe great things happen when we work together with our clients. Our values are not just words written in a company handbook. Those are the ground priorities we set for our business and day-to-day activities of our team.

Our Management Team

Greg Greg Director

The Big G! Greg can not keep still, like a kid on a bouncing ball this keeps him fresh and full of energy. He enjoys keeping active with activities such as hiking and walks around the neighbourhood, but when he’s ready for something a little more upbeat, out come the boxing gloves and nunchakus - Hwaat hwaat hwaataah!!

Tash Tash Operations Manager

Our very own in house Yogi. Tash brings the cool, calm collected vibe into the office in a chatty-bubbly kinda way. She is the master of distribution of tasks to the right heroes that ensures everyone’s time is spent wisely. Feeling overwhelmed? Take a break, go for a walk, regroup, try again… Without Tash, crazy will ensue.

Colin Colin Engineering Manager

The support leader! Colin may have poor taste in football teams, but he makes up for it with his superior IT knowledge. This ex-Navy guy knows how to get the job done.