Are You Putting Your Firm at Risk?

24 September 2021

So, you got curious about whether you are putting your firm at risk?

You are here because of the genuine intention to protect your firm from cyber attacks.

Law firms are one of the major targets of cyber attackers due to the large amount of money, massive information, and client data that they store. Law firms can have the best protection against cyber attacks, but do you ever wonder why they still seem to get attacked?

Probably it’s because someone from the firm makes it easier for the attackers to gain access from the firm’s system. Avoid being the one who puts your

Without further ado, you are putting your firm at risk if you are:

Using firm’s credential on different social media platforms

You might not realize that if you use your firm’s credentials for different sites or applications, like Zoom or Facebook, you are putting your firm at risk. If that platform has been hacked, your firm’s system will be exposed because you use your firm’s credentials on that platform — even with how strong of a password you have.

Use your personal account on social media platforms instead. 

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Connecting your personal device to firm’s system

Devices outside the firm, such as your computers at home, that are connected through the firm’s system can put your firm at risk. You sometimes may not think twice if you click on links you found on the internet. If any of your devices at home have been infected with malware, the firm’s system can be infected too. Further, the devices connected to your firm’s network might be able to access information stored on the network. 

Avoid connecting your personal device to the firm’s network. 

Reusing the same password just to make your job easier

Imagine rushing through your tasks. You need to log in to another account and you had several trials before you finally logged into your account because you forgot your password. Hassle, right?

Up until now, people tend to reuse the same password on different accounts so it is so much more convenient. You don’t have to worry about remembering the correct password on each particular account if you have the same password. It makes your job so much easier by typing the same password. 

However, that’s where the problem exists. If reusing the same password makes your job easier, you make the hacker’s job easier too. 

When a hacker successfully gains access to your email service provider and gets your password, since you reuse the same password, the hacker can also take over all accounts that were set up on that email. The hacker can get a large amount of your data from your accounts. This also includes your client and firm’s data. Imagine the amount of data the hacker can get to you — not to mention your firm’s possible financial loss if the hacker demands a ransom. 

Use strong and randomly generated passwords.

Allowing kids or unauthorized person to download on your device

If you allow your kids or an unauthorized person to download files on your device which is connected to your firm’s system, you seem to allow hackers to access your files. Let’s say your kid downloads his favorite video which turns out to be ransomware or the link where he downloads the video turns out to be a scam website, then you login from that same device, your firm network could possibly be infected.

Strictly do not allow your kids or an unauthorized person to download files on your device.

Not being updated with the latest threats

Even how knowledgeable you are about cyber security, if you are not updated with the latest threats, you can still put your firm at risk. Cyber attacks continue to evolve with new threats. Cyber attackers are evil geniuses that keep on finding ways to trick you and your firm.  

How can NZCS help?

New Zealand Computing Solutions can mitigate risk by taking a stratified approach to cyber security and provide proactive cyber defence services to prevent unauthorized persons in your firm’s network.

NZCS engineers have significant experience supporting practice management software Infinitylaw and Affinity and specialize in helping law firm technology.

Our qualified experts can train your staff on managing cyber security and protecting your firm’s infrastructure. We keep you updated with the latest threats.

For any kind of concerns or questions, do not hesitate to message us.

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