Fastest Way to Insert Hyperlinks in MS Word

8 March 2022

Hyperlinks give a quick and easy way to connect your readers to jump somewhere else on the internet from your document by simply clicking on the text or image. It is basically a reference in a document to another document. Hyperlinks can be placed in a spreadsheet, document, website, and more.

Follow the steps below to insert and manage hyperlinks in Microsoft Word:

Highlight the text or phrase you want to make a hyperlink

Press CTRL + K on your keyboard

Select the option that you want:

  • Link to Existing File of Web Page
  • Link to Place in This Document
  • Link to Create New Document
  • Link to E-mail Address

In the Address box below, enter the URL or the target destination for your link.

Then, click OK.

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Notice that the highlighted text turns into blue text which means it is now a hyperlink. 

You also have the option to Remove Link.

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