How to Record Your Screen Using PowerPoint?

screen record powerpoint

Do you need to record your screen to demonstrate things as part of your PowerPoint presentation?

You don’t have to download any software. Microsoft PowerPoint has a built-in screen recorder tool.

Here’s how to record your screen using Microsoft PowerPoint.


screen record powerpoint 1

Click on Insert


screen record powerpoint 2

On the right hand side, click the Screen Recording

You’ll be automatically dropped on the desktop. Choose Select Area. 


screen record powerpoint 3

You’ll see the cross-haired cursor. Drag to select the area of the screen you want to record. 

Then click on Record.

Click Pause as needed and Stop when you are finished by simply hovering up on the screen.

You can also press Windows logo key + Shift + Q to stop the recording.


screen record powerpoint 4

You can see the recording is automatically inserted into the PowerPoint.

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screen record powerpoint 5

You can save the screen recording as an mp4 or picture so you can use it anywhere by right-clicking on it.

That’s it!

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