IT support for law firms

10 April 2021

IT support for law firms using technology more safely and effectively

Lawyers have a responsibility to protect personal information of clients under the Rules of Conduct and Client Care as well as the Privacy Act 2020. Breaching this can result in penalties as well as loss of reputation or worse. But what if an unauthorized person from the Internet reveals it?

As technology develops lawyers must update procedures and ensure they have robust security practices. 

Law firms are a major target for cybercriminals because they deal with large amounts of money and hold a lot of confidential information. 

When was the last time you reviewed your procedures? Are you continuing to invest in the latest technology to help make you more secure? Are you requiring your vendors to improve their products to keep you protected?

New Zealand Computing Solutions can recommend and help ensure your law firm has the latest security best practices and can recommend changes to procedures and updated technology. One of the first things we do is provide security awareness training to staff.

NZCS engineers have significant experience supporting practice management software Infinitylaw and Affinity and specialize in helping law firm technology. NZCS director Greg Nixon was one of the original windows developers of Infinitylaw in the late 1990s and early 2000s. We are well versed in software used in law firms from Office 365 to Land online. 

Lawyers are time-pressured. When the network fails, productivity stops. It could lead to work disaster and worse, financial loss. 

NZCS provides a Managed Service Provider with a proactive approach instead of a reactive approach. MSP prevents the problems from happening and before it escalates. It monitors the computer and network 24/7 to detect if something is failing on your network, and replace it before it actually breaks down. NZCS worked with different law firms and businesses across New Zealand.

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