Cyber Security

Build resilience and manage the residual risks more effectively.

From antivirus to threat assessment—we can help you
secure your data and protect your business’s IT assets.

Our cyber security services

Security Audit

We can perform various types of security audits, identifying the strength and pinpointing any potential vulnerabilities.

Staff training

Our qualified experts can train your staff on managing cyber security and protecting company infrastructure.

Ransomware protection

As ransomware attacks are becoming more and more common, we create solutions to protect both your computers and data.

Proactive cyber defence

At NZCS, we take a stratified approach to cyber security and provide Proactive cyber defence services to prevent unauthorized Internet traffic.
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The threats to your company
security are ever-evolving and
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is cyber security vital for your business?

Security needs to support your business operations and as such, it should not be seen only as a preventative measure, a cost or unnecessary overhead.