The Truth About Wi-Fi Extenders

31 January 2022

Are Wi-Fi extenders really the solution to our weak Wi-Fi signals or is it just another scam?

How do they work?

Before anything else, let’s talk about the causes of slow internet speed connection.

What makes your internet connection so slow?

Internet connections uncontrollably weaken their speed because of several reasons. It could be that: 

  • there are multiple people connected to your Wi-Fi at the same time
  • your Wi-Fi router is a budget model
  • your location is too far from the router
  • there are many obstacles to pass through (eg. walls, furniture, and floors)

How Do Wi-Fi Extenders Work? 

Wi-Fi extenders are devices that stretch your existing Wi-Fi signal to another location. The extenders use wires that connect to Ethernet or a router. The wire is used to communicate back to its main source. Extenders also adopt wireless devices. 

Sometimes, your router doesn’t provide the Wi-Fi coverage that you need. There are locations at home that have very poor Wi-Fi signal or what we called the “dead spots”. Once the extender is set up, you can place it to any location that you want to improve your Wi-Fi signal.

Basically, using Wi-Fi extenders is like adding another router to the dead spot locations at your place.

Are Wi-Fi extenders legit? Do they really work?

YES, Wi-Fi extenders can work but make sure you have a strong Wi-Fi signal that best fits your lifestyle or business needs. 

If you use an extender and it still has a weak signal, then it would be useless. No one wants to reuse a weak signal! Remember that extenders use your existing Wi-Fi signal. One of the best ways to extend the signal is to use mesh wifi

For consistent speed Wi-Fi signal to any location at your home, a wired connection works best as it doesn’t weaken your signal from the thick walls.

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