A Checklist for Securing Legal Online Meetings

28 July 2021

Online meetings are beneficial for both lawyers and clients in many aspects, saving on travel, time and cost. On the downside, online meetings can cause real damage if not managed properly. Failure to protect data can damage both lawyer and client’s reputation as well as opening the door to other security risks.

This checklist will help you to create greater control for confidential online meetings.

Apply unique meeting passwords

Always use a unique password for your online meeting. Using a unique password ensures that only the invited participants that obtain your secure password are authorized to join. Never reuse the same meeting password. Using a unique password every time protects you from uninvited members joining in ongoing and future meetings.

Using a password manager like Bitwarden can help you create secure passwords on the go.

Always do a roll call

A roll call helps the host to identify everyone that has joined the online meeting. The host can then remove anyone from the group if necessary. 

Use the waiting room

Waiting rooms add the meeting participants to a separate room before the meeting starts. This allows the host to accept only those people invited to join the online meeting.

Turn on notifications

Everyone is able to see who enters the room at any time when the notification is on. In this way, it would be easy to see if an uninvited guest joined the room.

Lock the meeting room

Once all guests have joined the conference, lock the meeting room to prevent uninvited guests from joining. Once the meeting is locked, no one is able to join the meeting even with a password and/or meeting ID.

Keep your software updated

Updating software has many benefits especially when it comes to security. Outdated software is at risk for security flaws and becomes a gateway for hackers to exploit and trick victims. Make sure you are always running the latest version of your meeting software.

Checking the list above will keep our online meeting safe and secure.

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